This web site is a personal look at my life – it chronicles my family for which I must thank my lovely wife, Darlene. Thank YOU Darlene! Below is my favorite  picture of us in the 70s. 

Aren’t I lucky??!!

You will also find a long list of inventions I created over the years. My first was a flexible fin for surfboards. I introduced it to Hap Jacobs in Hermosa Beach in the mid 70s and he was not impressed so I dropped it. I was in Hap’s shop buying one of his great boards.

Also in the 70s – 1978 – I was flying a hang glider and wanted to drive it up the dunes at Guadalupe Beach near Pismo. I found a dune buggy and still have it!

This is little Kimberley and my ramp invented in about 1983
Here is little Kimberley all grown up in the 90s when I added dually sand tires.
Here I am in about 1974 at Pismo – actually Guadalupe dunes in perfect air.