This is my first online Christmas letter. Please send me yours to

It is December 20, 2016 – here is another note – I am setting this up as a diary and as a Christmas letter – the first one on line.

Life is good and getting better. Darlene’s father, Bud, moved to Torrance early this year and is happy to be near his son, Steve, and daughter, Sandy, and their families. Darlene is active in yoga and exercise 4 days a week at our local fitness gym. I am finally relaxing after a busy year that saw great progress in my fan business.

I got very lucky this year. I invented the world’s first rooftop mounted whole house fan for homes with no attic. is investing $20,000 in the invention to design retail packaging and a logo and brand and take it to the 1000s of stores they work with.

Just the fact that I am taking time to write Christmas cards and post this web page tells you that my life has slowed down.

I actually had time for two projects for Christmas – one is my star of Bethlehem – a 10 foot tall lighted star that stands high over our home.  You can see the results using the tabs above.