Solar Power

I am an expert in solar power having designed and built several remote pole mounted  computer and camera systems for the United States Postal Service. Gil Lugo, their IT manager at headquarters, wrote me to ask if I could supply webcams for their construction sites using my SnapNSend webcam software. Then Gil asked me to supply solar power for one system to be mounted in Philadelphia. I designed a solar power system using 3 250 watt panels plus a large aluminum case holding several lead acid batteries, a battery charge controller and an inverter to feed AC power to the computer and camera and pan tilt camera control mounted nearby. 

Over the years since I have helped RGSolar connect with homeowners, then recently was introduced to POWUR based in Del Mar CaliforniaPOWUR  ( ) has a team approach so you can be a POWUR solar advocate and make $1000s on your own work. Another valuable web site is my

How important is it to add a whole house fan when installing solar?

Read this paper by Northern California expert, Jonathan Hill. The title is “Reduce the Cost of Solar Power by $10,000 or More with a Whole House Fan

How important is it to get multiple bids and get zero down on solar?Here is the answer to that at