Solar Power Off Grid and On

I became an expert in off grid solar power when I designed and built several remote pole mounted web cam systems for the United States Postal Service. Gil Lugo, their IT manager, gave me a contract to supply webcams for their construction sites using my SnapNSend webcam software. I designed an off grid solar power system using three 250 watt panels and a box with lead acid batteries, a battery charge controller and an inverter to feed AC power to the  Pelco pan and tilt mounted camera and a wireless control and video transmitter/receiver.

I was recently introduced to POWUR  – Jonathan Budd’s brilliant new solar company that  has a team approach so you can be a POWUR solar advocate and make $1000s helping your neighbors save money.  ( )

Do you know that a whole house fan is free when you add it to a solar system? Read this paper by Northern California expert, Jonathan Hill. The title is “Reduce the Cost of Solar Power by $10,000 or More with a Whole House Fan

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