In Dec 2017 I invested in some cryptocurrency. I started with BTC (bitcoin) but then branched out to others. I am now in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH)  and Stellar (XLM). I just added Ripple on 2-4-18. The market dropped about 50% in Jan 2018. Ouch. But the experts say this is the time to buy. 

Here are the charts: Update 2-18-18

BTC  (Bitcoin) Bought $300 on 12-25 have .0076 BTC worth $81

ETH Ethereum Bought $300 on 12-25   have .1308 BTC worth $122

XLM Stellar  bought $179 on 2-4-18 now worth $606

XRP Ripple – bought $179 on 2-4-18  now $179