Christmas 2020

December 23, 2020 I am writing a brief Christmas letter to all after getting one from my cousin, Andrea Rud. Her letter is one of the few sent by email these days. An action I embrace for many reasons. Here is what I was writing to her when I realized I can make this a tradition and keep all these memories for almost ever (you never know what might happen to these web sites in the future)

Ryan and Gail and Bjorn and Brent all went to Oklahoma for a family visit with no negative results. Here are Gail, Ryan, Kim, Darlene and me at Thanksgiving. The little ones are in the next room being noisy and happy.

Kim and Nick and Cole and Shelby are all well in Temecula and we see them often. Cole will be our first teenager this month. I bought an antique pool table in 1985 that was made by Brunswick in 1912! I restored it and enjoyed it for years. Then sold it to Kurt Timken, a grandson of the famous Timken bearing inventor, Henry Timken, a carriage maker in 1899. Kurt sold it back to me a few years ago and it was in storage. Now it is in Kim’s garage where Cole is becoming an expert. Here are Darlene and Kim and Cole playing pool. Cole will be our first teenager in just a few days.

Below is Shelby’s 9th birthday party. Starting from the left, Kyle with Nick’s sister, Nick, Darlene way back there, Kim next to her, Shelby holding the swing, and Shelby’s friends.

I am very busy as usual with all my inventions and possible successes. I have an agreement from Tractor Supply stores to carry my new rooftop whole house fan. I am talking to a businessman in Perth Australia about selling my rooftop there.

In closing for a weird 2020


Here is our house all dressed up.The Star of Bethlehem is one I crafted and is easy to make and put up. If you want to know how to make one, just ask.