Christmas Each Year


It is now January 2019 so this last Christmas is still fresh in memory. We moved into a new home in the center of Temecula so we have been enjoying a lot of new places. The first big project was to remodel the 8 foot by 20 foot porch at the entrance to our house. We have been looking for work to earn some extra spending money.


Christmas came and went and I forgot to post this. It is now January 2019 so this is from memory. 2107 saw us coping with life in a big home and we made the decision to move. We connected with a realtor who arranged for a remodel of our home to make it sell fast.


Darlene’s father, Bud, moved to Torrance early this year and is happy to be near his son, Steve, and daughter, Sandy, and their families. Darlene is active in yoga and exercise 4 days a week at our local fitness gym.

I got very lucky this year. I invented the world’s first rooftop mounted whole house fan for homes with no attic. is investing $20,000 in the invention to design retail packaging and a logo and brand and take it to the 1000s of stores they work with.

I actually had time for two projects for Christmas – one is my star of Bethlehem – a 10 foot tall lighted star that stands high over our home.