Update 7-13-18 Just found new detox formula – here are the bottles –

detaox 2 botts detox 2nd detox

March 16 2017 I just returned from seeing Dr. Mark Stengler in Encinitas, one of the best naturopathic doctors in the world – and he reviewed a blood panel just completed. He told me that my health is in the top 4% of all men my age. Thank God and all the doctors who have created the good supplements below. One stunning note – Dr. Schulze was told at about age 16 he had 2 months to live without heart surgery. He launched into a study of natural healing herbs and cured himself and is now one of the leaders in natural healing.

Here is a list of the items pictured below in the same order as pictured.

Dr, Schulze Tinctures for Heart, Brain, Nerve and his Cayenne pepper mix.
Dr. Sinatra Seanol
Bee pollen
CircuminRich Theracumin
Ginkgold for Eyes
Xyolic Garlic Extract
Dr. Whitaker Vision Essentials
Sprouts vitamin D3
Dr. Schulze Super C Plus
Nature’s Way Eye Bright
Curamed Turmeric
HTN180 Px improves blood pressure
RKMD OGF (Original  Glutathione Formula)
Doctor’s Best Nattokinase
BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin
Garden of Life Probiotics
Jarrow Ubiquinol
Dr. Schulze Super Food
D-Ribose for your heart muscle
Dr. Schulze Protect
Dr. Sinatra Omega Q Plus
Carlson Fish Oil
Paradise Resveratrol
Not pictured L-Argentine