In 2008 I learned about an aspiring doctoral student, Mr. Guzman, who had created a huge study aid for himself to prepare for the USMLE test part one. At the time I was looking for a good book I could market on line. Mr.Guzman was kind enough to give me the authority to sell his study aid on my web site.

I did not have the huge marketing capabilities that other educational sources had so the study aid never took off as a known product. Here it is late 2018 and another aspiring medical student has asked me if I can sell him a copy. I have pulled out my records and find that I can easily reopen the entire plan I had in 2010.

In those days study books for Part1 were available for under $100. I don’t know what they cost today. This huge work (over 12,000 lines in an excel format) was priced at $250.00

I was told by the students who bought it that it was exactly what they needed to ensure they passed the test. I can say that it is mind boggling to me – I studied electrical engineering and graduated. I cannot imagine learning the huge amount of information contained in this USMLE Part1 book. I just did a print preview in excel. It shows 235 pages if printed on 8-1/2 by 11 in landscape mode.

Here are 3 screen shots that give an idea of the incredible detail.

The first shot below is page one. You can click each shot for a larger view. Below this is a shot of one of the many illustrations embedded in the work. And the bottom view is of the last page – lines around 12, 850.

I am now offering this tome again at the same price – $250.00 – please email me for how to purchase your copy – email

Below is an example of the detailed diagrams embedded in this book.

Below is the last page -the lines around 12,850 .