If your garage door has no windows this is for you. Sturdy clear plexiglass windows are easy to install and easy to paint. Here is how good my garage looks after I installed them. The plexiglass is painted with a border to match your door or your home trim. I painted mine brown to match my trim.

This is a very easy to install kit – the kit has clear plexiglass window with an outside dimension of 11.8 by 15.8 inches. There are 4 holes for screws – one at each corner. You can install these without help because the kit includes 8-32 screws and rivet nuts that you install in your door after you cut an opening. The rivet nuts are easy to install using the inexpensive rivet tool (under $5) you can find at any Harbor Freight store or online here – https://www.harborfreight.com/hand-riveter-set-38353.html

The page to purchase them is HERE If you would like another size window please email