If your garage door has no windows this is for you. Sturdy clear plexiglass with non rust aluminum frames that are easy to install and easy to paint. Here is how good my garage looks after I installed them.

I created a very easy to install kit – the stock kit is a frame that has an opening 7.5 inches high and 11 inches wide and the outside of the frame is 11.75 by 15.25 inches. There are 4 holes for screws at 10 high and 14 wide positions. You can install these without help because the outside screw holes are countersunk for flat head screws and inside the door you use washers and nuts. You put in the two bottom screws a little loose and drop the plexiglass in between the front frame and the door. Then once the bottom screws are tightened it is easy to install the top screws. Below is how one painted looks on the outside.

The page to purchase them is HERE If you would like another size window please email