This is about a new shed design that is simple to build and can be assembled entirely by one person INSIDE THE SHED so it can be put between a house and a side yard wall. Below is an example of a typical side yard that is perfect for this design.

Below is a shed from Lowe’s. It was not expensive. 8 feet by 10 feet and transported in one big box. But it took 2 men 2 days to install. Hundreds of screws and each required two people – one outside to turn the screw and one inside to hold a nut. POOR design. Below you see all the screws in the cheap shed.
Below you see the design criteria – house on the left, block walls on the other side and the far end. 8-1/2 feet inside between house and wall. I decided to make this from standard lumber sizes for minimum labor and waste. Hence the use of 4 and 8 foot dimensions. Also I am assembling all modules with wood screws so that they can be modified to reduce their size if desired.
Then I decided to make it in sections so that each section can be made off site or on and transported by one person. I divided the 12 feet up into convenient 4 foot sections. Each floor section will be one pc of plywood – I picked 3/4 inch thick for lowest cost and optimum strength. I plan to use 2×4 treated lumber under the plywood floor. The finished floor will have 2 pcs 8 feet long on the long edges. Thin steel straps with flat head drywall screws will hold each floor module to the other and offer very low profile. . The plywood is assembled to the 2x4s with 2 inch drywall screws every 16 inches. Another criteria is that the height be exactly 6 feet so I plan modular walls 4 feet wide by 6 ft high. The wall outside surface is FRP (reinforced plastic) for water proofing. I chose 2×2 pine for studs just for simplicity and strength and low cost. Drywall screws used here as well every 16 inches. The walls will be attached to the floor modules using hanger bolts that are 1/4 inch wood screw on the bottom and 1/4-20 machine screw on the top. The walls will be bolted together using 1/4-20 bolts through the side 2x4s.
Below is the door module. Again a 4 by 6 foot size.
Below is the method to attach the walls to the floor. Use 1/4-20 hanger bolts with a hanger bolt driver tool (it threads onto the 1/4-20 end, drives the wood end in and then unthreads).
Roof modules nearly identical – 4 feet wide by 8 feet long. each has 3 8 foot 2x2s and 2 4 foot 2x2s and 2 sheets of currugated roofing in either a color or opaque or clear. They are designed for no tilt but can be tilted if desired.