This page is my inventor’s notebook. It is intended to notify the world that my ideas surfaced on specific dates – these are in my personal hand written notebook as well.

1-5-95 First commercially available webcam software SnapNSend
5-1-16 Rooftop mounted whole house fan
5-1-16 Hybrid rooftop ventilator for industrial buildings. 
1-6-19 Weed puller on rake. 
6-26-19 Drone for personal protection from sharks.
This will use a drone programmed to fly in a programmable pattern around the owner with a camera pointing straight down and with pattern recognition software looking at the image. The software will be programmable to look for large fish swimming in the field of view. If one is detected the drone will alert the owner (expected to be a swimmer or surfer or other person in the water. The drone will then be programmed to alert the owner by flying back and over the owner’s location. Other means of alerts could be wireless messages to smart watches or loud noises.
7-4-19 Split faucet nut for installation on existing faucet base
   but instead of one piece, it is cut in two down the center of the two surfaces that are intended to help tighten it. Then it can be installed on a faucet that is already in place to help tighten the faucet.