RV All Electric

If you have thought about owning a motor home that never needs gasoline, you will want to see this. You can have a powerful 300 HP electric motor and 15,000 watts of solar power panels and a compact battery bank all mounted on and in a 40 foot motor home. You can have an accelerator pedal that will energize the motor and give you more torque at low speeds than any gas engine. Below are the key components of this design.


This design uses banks of solar panels that are on hinged motorized arms so that when opened they offer a peak power of 15,000 watts to recharge the RV batteries.
This end view shows the solar panel banks folded over the RV roof for transportation.
300 HP AC Motor Most motor homes have gas engines that are about 300 horsepower.
This is a good useable 300 HP AC motor that is not much different in size from a gas engine. It can be mounted in the RV engine compartment and, when fitted with a custom connector, can drive the same drive train as the gas engine. The cost of a motor like this is about $3000.
Here is an example of a 300 HP gas engine on EBay on 5-5-20. The cost is about the same as an electric motor but this is far more complicated to install.