Garage Door Window Kit

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You can see at the left the door is half cut,and to the right of that the opening has 4 holes for rivnuts

Now you can add windows to your garage door with this garage door window kit. The kit has 4 plexiglass windows for each car (8 for a 2 car garage) . The kit includes 4 rivet nuts and screws for each window. Installation is easy with just a few tools and some work you can do or you can hire help. The tricky part is cutting the holes in your door. There are some very good tools to make that easy. If you have a door with just one surface or with an inside surface and an outside surface you will use a nibbler on each side. Nibblers are the best because they cut a fine edge. The challenge is to catch all the little nibbles that fall to the ground. Here is an example of a good inexpensive nibbler. You drill a hole anywhere inside area to be cut out, insert the nibbler head and cut the perimeter. Then you drill 4 holes for the rivnuts. More about rivnuts below.

Here is an example of a good rivnut tool.

You can now see the barrel is bulging slightly. This has caused it to expand and grip the inside of the hole. This is all that is needed. All you need to do now is verify that the nut does not turn .
Now you remove the rivet tool and take out the mandrel.
This is how it will look on the outside of your garage door ready to install the plexiglass windows. Note that the rivnut body will keep the plexiglass from sitting on the metal door so I recommend to put a bead of caulking on the door at least at the top but all around is best.