Hybrid Rooftop Ventilators

Invisco industrial rooftop ventilators can be seen at  http://inviscoindustrial

  1. Invisco Tornado gravity rooftop ventilators outperform those from Greenheck, LorenCook, Twin City, PennBarry and any others in America.
  2. Invisco Tornado hybrid rooftop ventilators offer far better performance than the CSR Edmonds ecoPOWER hybrids.

In 2015 I was selected by CSR Edmonds in Australia to be their US distributor – a huge opportunity. I learned about their Hurricane rooftop ventilator and their ecoPOWER hybrid rooftop and I built a company, EdmondsUSA, to be their distributor. In late 2016 Edmonds canceled my contract. Shortly thereafter  I wrote a patent application for the world’s first high performance hybrid rooftop ventilator to be made in America.

In 2016 the Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) created a new classification, “Hybrid Rooftop Ventilator” when they saw the Edmonds Australia EP900 and tested it. In 2017 I introduced a higher performance version and I named it Invisco EP900. 

Here is more about my Invisco Industrial hybrids. They are the highest performance rooftops made in the world, based on their air movement performance. The first high performance gravity rooftop ventilator is the Australian made CSR Edmonds Hurricane.  It has better performance than an American gravity rooftop ventilator due to its unique turbine rain top. The Tornado that I am making in Americal improves on the Edmonds design with a taller turbine. 

The new Invisco EP900 took a different path to powered air flow than the path taken by Edmonds. Edmonds uses a motor to spin the turbine top, a very ineffective method to pull air. The Invisco EP900 combines the effective turbine top but adds high performance motors and blades from the Unites States including USMotors and Multi-Wing.  The blades offer an order of magnitude more air flow. a4Compare-ind-TORNADO-2018-

Revised July 13, 2018