This is 1990 and the dune buggy was driven up the ramps. Later I pulled it up backwards. The ramps have lifts that hold it up so more ramp can be extended. The added length is folded on top out of this view.

Darlene and I moved into the new Manhattan Village to a nice townhome with a two car garage. We had purchased a Meyers Manx dune buggy in 1978 and loved to drive around with Ryan, 6, and Kimberley, 3, in the back seat. But the Village did not allow for a 3rd car to be parked on the street.

How it happened

I was thinking about how the buggy might fit in our 2 car garage. I noticed that the garage rafters were higher than in most garages. I looked at the space above where I parked my sedan and realized it was tall enough that the buggy would fit above it. I saw that I could build a shelf at the back wall that my sedan nose would fit under. I saw that there was enough room over the sedan roof for a ramp that could be lifted up with the buggy front end on it.