Resume Home Inspector

I am actively seeking employment as a home inspector. Below is my resume 

Kurt Shafer
 31130 S. Genl. Kearny Rd SPC31  Temecula CA 92591   (951) 296-3611


As a degreed electrical engineer, I have worked as a technical writer, field engineer, and design engineer.  I am also an inventor with several patents.

Work Experience     

In 2004 I applied for a license in Nevada for Property Inspector. California does not license inspectors. Nevada required these actions –  I completed all 3 and was issued a license in 2004. 

  1. Performing 25 inspections under the tutelage of a Nevada Master Inspector
  2. Take a course from one of the Nevada inspection training sources. 
  3. Pass a state examination. 

I decided to come back to Southern California. I opened to market inspections here. Since then I have done over 2,500 inspections – all of which are documented with reports. 

Along the way I studied radon and its detection and mitigation, infrared imaging and how to interpret the images, and drone operation for taking aerial views of high buildings. 

I have done several commercial inspections of smaller buildings. I recently was contracted by CIS Inspects to take pictures of the Europa Vineyard expansion going on in May 2019 and after. 

Education – University of Southern California BS Electrical Engineering    1965

Health – Excellent – blood pressure 140 average  – blood test in top 5% of age bracket – hobbies are  skiing, swimming, surfing and kiteboarding. On Medicare with BlueCross supplement.


Kurt Rasmussen, President, RTG, 310-534-3016
George Lange, coworker at Bendix,, 805-493-2226
Dominic Mogavero, personal friend,, 954-756-2019