Resume Technical Writer

I am actively seeking employment as a technical writer. Below is my resume and here is a link to a DOC version   –  KurtShafer

Kurt Shafer
 31130 S. Genl. Kearny Rd SPC31 
Temecula CA 92591  
 (951) 296-3611


As a degreed electrical engineer, I have worked in a variety of positions including technical writer, field engineer, design engineer, sales engineer and sales and marketing manager. In my career I have done more technical writing than almost any other endeavor. I am also an inventor with several patents.

Work Experience     

Bendix Electrodynamics, Sylmar CA, 1965 to 1969 
                 *Technical Writer who accomplished electrical design training for Navy Technicians       
                 *Field Engineer, MK 46 Torpedo Program, Keyport, Washington
                 *Field Engineer, Radar Homing and Warning Systems, St. Louis and Virginia Beach

Magnavox, Torrance, CA, 1970 to 1974 
                 *Technical Writer, Navy Geodetic Positioning System (GPS) Program
                 * Field Engineer Assisted in Installation of first GPS on ship in Malmo Sweden.

Astralonics, Southern California, 1975 to 1978
                  *Technical Writer for Electronic Circuit Manufacturers
                  *Field Engineer offering Opto22, International Rectifier, Unitrode, others
Invisco, Manhattan Beach and Temecula CA 1979 to present
                  *Accomplished invention of modern invisible window screen 1979
                  *Accomplished invention of world’s first commercial webcam software 1995 
                  *Accomplished design of off grid solar power for the USPS  1999
                  *Accomplished author “Uninterruptible Power Supplies” Digital Design Magazine 1984
                  *Accomplished invention of world’s first commercial webcam software.
                  *Accomplished invention of the world’s highest performance whole house fan 2016
                  *Accomplished invention of the world’s first rooftop mounted whole house fan 2016
                  *Accomplished invention of the highest performance hybrid rooftop ventilator 2016
                  *Accomplished invention of a high performance solar powered electric motor home 2016


Education – University of Southern California BS Electrical Engineering    1965