For your family

Have you ever…….
Signed a contract or a document?
Been overcharged or treated unfairly?
Received a traffic ticket or a DUI?
Known a victim of identity theft?
Been in a situation where you wanted the advice of a lawyer?
You need Legal Shield.

Imagine being able to call a high paid lawyer any time you need advice without paying any more for their time than the small cost of just $19.95 a month. For that low price Legal Shield gives you 24/7 access to one of the largest law firms in California, Parker Stanbury.

To make this even better, if you have a small home business with NO employees you can add the Home Business Supplement  to protect yourself from legal actions against you.The cost is just $9.95 a month.

As a home business, you could also add the Trial Defense Supplement for just $9.95 more.

If YOU want to learn more by meeting with me at your home, please call me at 951 296 3611. As a Legal Shield Associate I have all the information and paperwork needed to protect you instantly.

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