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10-20-20 I am posting more here so I am starting a table of contents. As you scroll down you will see these in this order.

  • 10-15-20 A black in the ‘hood converts another to Trump.
  • 10-15-20 Record of Ukrainians investigating Biden corruption”.
  • 10-20-20 David Horowitz on Soros and the Anti Trump Democrats.

A black in the hood converts another to Trump for a lot of good reasons.

Here is documented proof of Biden corruption – this is a judicial inquiry in Ukraine regarding deals made with VP Biden in 2016. It included audio recording with Biden that is damning. These are done as part of a larger investigation into Hunter Biden and Burisma. You will be stunned when you hear about Biden promising billions of dollars.

NOTE the line at the bottom! “Records of conversations testifying to international corruption“.

David Horowitz wrote a book that has an entire chapter devoted to the actions taken by Soros and the Democrats the day Trump was inaugurated.
For the first time in history a president was denied the “honeymoon” time afforded every president before him. Here are reprints of those details. Please note that these pictures of his book are reprinted here in anticipation of written permission from the publisher.