For Amanda

Amanda, I have a problem with my email so here is what I tried to send.

Please keep up the good work – you are doing your father proud.
He created some of the most brilliant sales techniques in history!
I know – I started selling for major corporations in 1972.
No sales techniques like his were even discussed.

About my rooftop, I am pursuing investors while personally working to achieve the business plan I am attaching. I already have a firm design with a Los Angeles gymnasium that came out for bid early this year but was delayed by covid.

It is for $23,000 with a profit of about $13,000! I am sole source on the design.
Tractor Supply has agreed to put it in their stores next season for homes.
I have signed a sales rep firm in KS and MO and have more coming.

If you have any interest it getting involved it would be fab if you just sent this out to your contacts. If anyone comes to you (have them contact you for details so you know what happens) then I make you a 10% owner of my company when they invest.

There are two great case studies (your father would say – teach your prospects how to reduce energy consumption) – which is exactly what I plan to do…..Now that you have reminded me!


The attachments are an excel and a pdf file. These are not confidential – no non disclosure needed because I have a patent pending.