I have been an entrepreneur for decades now. As an example, I invented the first commercially available web cam software, SnapNSend, in 1995. I sold that software for some years and got over $100,000 in orders, mostly from the USPS for webcams for their construction sites.

Affiliate Marketing

As a business owner and inventor I have offered affiliate marketing for most of my inventions.You might have heard the term. It is an opportunity for you to help sell products and to then be paid a commission when you sell them.

In 2008 I invented a small whole house fan kit and started selling those from a web site. I have built that business into the first and only whole house fan source offering BOTH an attic mounted and a roof mounted whole house fan. You can make a commission on helping me sell these. Go here to schedule a call with me – no charge.

In 2019 I became aware of red light therapy and founded the Red Light Therapy News web site. http://RedLightTherapyNews.com

At the same time I was introduced to plasma therapy. Not blood plasma but electrical plasma as discovered by Nikola Tesla. I founded the Plasma Therapy News web site http://plasmatherapynews.com/