Since 1995 I have been fascinated by the internet. It gave me the way to achieve a goal – to get pictures of the surf to me at home. In the 80s I called a security camera company to ask how to use their cameras to get surf pictures. They said it was easy – just put some repeating towers between the beach and my home in Manhattan Beach (about 2 miles from the ocean). They quoted $10,000 for the job. Way too rich for me then.

In those days there were only a few webcams – Netscape had a fish cam. USC had and has a Tommy Trojan cam. So I called USC and made a visit to ask about their webcam. The rest is history. I created my first web site,, using notepad to write it in HTML. (Hyper Text Markup Language – the heart of every web site ). So here are my sites today. Some are just experiments, some are serious sites offering serious products and ideas. Rooftop whole house fans – first in history to pull 8000 CFM

Hybrid rooftop ventilating systems – first to be made in America

Idea Buyer and invention coach – I have 15 inventions and several patents.

Solar Power – I am an expert in off grid systems.

Home Inspections – I am the first to offer free repairs with every inspection.

Affiliate Marketing Coach – Learn how to sell Amazon to your family and friends.

Below are many of the web sites I opened since my first in 1996: This was for ventilation but is now for sale. This is all about how red lights are replacing liposuction. This tells about all the new red light options. This is for sale and Jackie Steed can get a bargain. I bought this for Joe but he does not want it. It is for sale. This is for sale. Kimberley Plancich Mamagawdess Reiki Master You are here now. For sale Worth $800 Sell $200 In memory For Ryan but for sale Source of E&O Insurance My work on solar and whole house fans and home inspections
 For sale For sale News – needs updating as of 10-4-19