In 1974 Darlene married me. Then she brought us Ryan and Kimberley. Then Gail married Ryan and they brought us Bjorn and Brent. Then Nick married Kimberley and they brought us Cole and Shelby. We are blessed!!

December 23, 2020 I am writing a brief Christmas letter to all after getting one from my cousin Andrea Rud.

Ryan and Gail and Bjorn and Brent all went to Oklahoma for a family visit in October.

Kim and Nick and Cole and Shelby are all well in Temecula and we see them often. Cole will be our first teenager this month.

I bought an antique pool table in 1985 that was made by Brunswick in 1912! I restored it and enjoyed it for years. Then sold it to Kurt Timken, a grandson of the famous Timken bearing inventor, Henry Timken, a carriage maker in 1899. Kurt sold it back to me a few years ago and it was in storage. Now it is in Kim’s garage where Cole is becoming an expert.

I am very busy as usual with all my inventions and possible successes. I have an agreement from Tractor Supply stores to carry my new rooftop whole house fan. I am talking to a businessman in Perth Australia about selling my rooftop there.

Did you get a card from our cousin Gary in CO? Have you talked to Laoni lately? You might already know that Chip has left the family. Tam heard from him just recently that he is moving to Oregon. Tam is hunkered down at home and sees her daughter, Alissa, often.

You can see our family and the pool table here –

I met Darlene in 1972 – and was very lucky to have her agree to marry me. We were married on my birthday, 2-22-74, in Palos Verdes.

Prettiest girl ever.

Here are our children, on top is Kimberley and Nick Plancich with Cole and Shelby and below are Darlene and me with Ryan and Gail and Bjorn standing by his Dad and Brent by his Mom on mother’s day 2018.

Mother’s Day 2018 in San Diego..